The management of runoff at industrial sites, wastewater and hazardous substances

Wastewaters are among the most important sources of load to water bodies and therefore their efficient purification is an essential part of water protection. Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group tests and develops wastewater management systems for small-scale factories and for domestic use, in cooperation with municipalities and companies. Water management mapping and wastewater management investigations have been performed as student projects for companies.

During recent years, the management of hazardous substances have become as an important part of water protection. The Research Group has performed tracking of hazardous substances from waste waters and stormwaters and created guidelines and education for companies in order to diminish their load of hazardous substances. They have also created guidelines for municipalities on the usage of chemical smart choices, to diminish the load of hazardous substances.

The development work related to the purification of wastewaters and hazardous substances is performed as ordered services, theses, or as part of various international and national projects.


Our projects:

SourceTrack (2020-)

NonHazCity 2 (2019-)

NonHazCity: Haitallisten aineiden hallinta kaupunkiympäristössä. (2016–2019)

Laivojen vesijärjestelmät (2015–)



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Juha Kääriä’s presentation “Innovative Water Circulation in Turku region SW Finland”  in Baltic University Programme Symposium 2020